The IdentityBroker service will not start due to an 'IsolatedStorageException: Unable to determine application identity of caller' exception.

Tony Sheehy 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 3

A determination may be necessary for the correct course of action with regards to the exception:

System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageException occurred
  Message=Unable to determine application identity of the caller.
       at System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorage.InitStore(IsolatedStorageScope scope, Type appEvidenceType)
       at System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageFile.GetStore(IsolatedStorageScope scope, Type applicationEvidenceType)
       at Unify.Console.Program.Main() in S:\hg\Product\IdentityBroker\Master-T\Source\Service\Unify.Console.Connect\Program.cs:line 26

This exception is encountered while debugging the IdentityBroker service in its current state.

A temporary workaround has been encountered whereby the the IsolatedStorageFile of the IdentityBrokerServiceEngine is changed to:


but a determination will need to be made as to whether this is correct and what implications it has with regards to the IdentityBroker service.

I believe I resolved this issue, can you please confirm?


The IdentityBroker console starts in debug as should be expected, and I can confirm that the IsolatedStorageFile retrieval mechanism has been updated - and that it retrieves the IsolatedStorageFile correctly.

Reassigned to confirm completeness.