Extend Database Connector for polling (delta) imports

Adam van Vliet 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

The Identity Broker IDB40:Database Connector should be extended to provide other methods of doing polling (delta) imports:

  1. Select a datetime column.
  2. Select another table for delta information (optionally clear table).
  3. PowerShell script to return the changed entity id's (copy from PowerShell connector), the regular database GetEntities call (unchanged) to do the rest.

Consider another method where a PowerShell script is configurable to obtain the changed keys, allowing the database connector to then retrieve those items. Or some other use of PowerShell to allow for this to be configurable.

I've added polling for a datetime column. It becomes more difficult to add any other functionality, for two reasons:

  1. Identity Broker will favour one type of polling over another (e.g. id polling over entity polling), so implementing the other won't allow it to use either.
  2. The other options for polling imports are less well defined.

Edit: Regarding 1, see how this is done using the PowerShell connector.

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