Import containers even when there are no objects in the connector

Matthew Clark 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 1

See ENVIRON-25. The Identity Broker adapter currently generates container objects out of all the DNs that it processes and passes them through on an adapter import. This is especially true when DN generation is configured in Identity Broker to be of a similar format to

cn=Field,cn=ObjectClass (constant field generator)

which would generate a container object with DN "cn=ObjectClass" and pass it to the IdM system.

In FIM, you cannot provision objects until the container exists in the connector space, meaning at present you either need to have already imported an object with a DN in this format, or you would need to provision the container to the connector space. This is fine for most cases but when you have systems that are targets only that will begin empty, you will have to either add a mock object to the system (which is sometimes impossible) or write some provisioning logic to add the empty container.

It would be useful if in cases where the DN structure for adapters is known to have been set up as described above (ie. using constant field generators), to always pass through the container.