Best way to recover Identity Broker database

Daniel Walters 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

Basically - What's the best way to blow away an IdB database and start with a fresh one? Can I do it without having to re-install all the add-ons?

Backstory - During testing I switched out the adapters and connectors for ones that connected to csv files instead of the end point systems and switching them back has scrambled everything. PartitionsIDs in IdB or something. After running the clear SQL database script in the IDB install directory the service wouldn't start - said bad db connection - but strangley the service debugger ran fine. I found another copy of the IDB database in sql named differently so I added the connection string for that one and the service started working. I used the clear sql script on that one and now i'm running a full import since about 11 this morning - so about five hours. I'm pretty sure there's about 20000 users but I don't think it would take that long just to get into the connector. My question is above in the basically part.

Also IdB has all green lights, and only a couple of timeouts followed by deltas that must have been triggered automatically. No real errors. It's using hardly any CPU, it flicks up to one per cent maybe once a minute and is very slowly chewing up ram but still only at 62,128kb

Actually the RAM usage isn't even rising

DELETE Partition

while the service is off is the best way to blast everything away. It can sometimes be quicker to drop or delete the database and create it again.

Also the Clear SQL script seems like it may be out of date

DELETE StoredValueCollection
DELETE Changes
DELETE Connector

There is no connector table. I get an error - Invalid object name 'Connector'.


/end thread that's probably annoying to product team

Delete Partition alone won't run because of some PK constraints. I just deleted the database then ran the db creation script and it connected and the service ran. all good.

Definitely not annoying, thanks for the question.

I have created the issue IDB-171 to keep track of the change triggered from this request for IdB v4.0 development.