Please support write/export operation for CSV Connector using FTP agent.

Aneesh Varghese 9 years ago in CSV connector updated by anonymous 7 years ago 6

CSV Connector using FTP agent currently doesn't support write/export operation but only import. Understood, it is a bit more complicated than updating a local file but can we look to see what we can do or suggest a workaround to cater write operation.

Some HR Systems like "PayGlobal" currently doesn't have a Web Service interface and the only option for integration is CSV/file extracts. Systems like PayGlobal is also remotely hosted on the Vendors Cloud environment and does require remote file transfer.



Under review

Hi Aneesh,

I've moved this to be an Idea in the Forum - unless you can think of any reason to keep this request private?

Thanks Shane!

No reason to keep this requiest private, I wasn't sure which one to choose.


Hi Aneesh,

Have you tested to make sure reads work properly? The first hurdle with FTP is that we support the right protocols.

Are you aware that the file based CSV connector works by renaming the file being updated, then copies content from one to the other whilst making the necessary changes as it goes? Would this model work for FTP? It would require some additional permissions such as rename, create and delete?

Do you know if the target system is capable of reading in a file that has been generated by Identity Broker? If not, we're going to have the same problems


Hi Adam,

I initially requested this remote FTP export feature to cater one of our client’s requirements. We presented two options to the customer:

  1. Use Identity Broker CSV connector to export changes to the remote FTP Server (subject to product group making necessary changes in CSV Connector)
  2. Send email notifications with attribute changes.

Client reviewed both options and chose option two which is to send notification emails with changes. So, we no longer required this feature for this particular client/project. However, I still believe write/export operation will add value to the CSV connector, but I will let the Product Group to make that decision.




Thanks Aneesh, I have added it to the backlog.