Edit operation return 404 Not Found for /Operation/CreateRunProfileOperationChooseManagementAgentByViewInformation

Adrian Corston 1 year ago updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 1 year ago 3

Image 6493

New UNIFYNow installation with extensibility files copied across from an older server as part of a server migration.  Other parts of the UNIFYNow UI are working fine, such as below.  It seems to be just the /Operation/CreateRunProfileOperationChooseManagementAgentByViewInformation that shows the error.

Both the old and new UNIFYNow installs are v4.0.4

Image 6494

What have I misconfigured or missed?

Under review

Hi Adrian

This route seems to be working for me with a clean install. Try clearing your browser cache, and restarting the and and application pool in IIS, if you've not tried those yet. It could also be an upgrade issue. Try installing the standalone web and updating IIS to serve that instead.

Thanks Beau, that fixed the problem.