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Operation List Queue Management

Hayden Gray 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

Hi Guys,

Just a feature request that I think would bring some useful functionality. I have recently had some scenarios where queued operation lists have execute when the shouldn't have due to the scheduler running throughout a change. Or where I have accidentally queue a long running operation twice. Currently the only way to clear the queue is to restart the service, which then disposes of all other operations that have been queued.

I think it would be beneficial to be able to view and clear specified operations from the operation list queue. Let me know what you think or whether you need any further information.



Under review

Hey Hayden,

Thanks for the suggestion. This would be fairly straightforward for operations which have not already started execution. For operations that have already kicked off, what would the expected behaviour be? Would you imagine it just cancels the operation in UNIFYNow and allows the operation to continue in the downstream systems? Would you expect it to cancel at the exact moment, or complete the current step and then cancel any subsequent steps? How would this work for situations where a powershell operation is running, would it need to support cancellation? Do you think there would be any unintended consequences or undesired state?

Hi Matt,

I was thinking the scope would just be for operations that have not kicked off yet. For operations already running, it is often the case with MIM/Rest Operations that stopping an operation is not achievable once it starts through actual product interfaces. As you mentioned too, stopping a MIM sync or Broker operation while its committing changes could be detrimental to the state of the system and if stopped ungracefully in MIM, can even corrupt the database. So it may be best to not include this as of yet.