IIS requirements

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When following https://voice.unifysolutions.net/knowledge-bases/8/articles/2722-configuring-unifynow-for-use-with-iis on a new Win2016 host I discovered the ASP.Net 4.6 ISAPI filters were missing.  On this same page there is mention of the (optional) Windows Authentication feature being required with the IIS role installation, but nothing about ASP.Net 4.6.

Circling back to this prerequisites page I can see that the IIS prerequisite is not discussed at all … and this may explain why I am still finding sites running under Cassini, particularly in PRODUCTION.  I believe that the IIS install should be the default for any Enterprise installation of either UNIFYNow or UNIFYBroker, and have had this stance for some time.  However I can see that the documentation could assist in guiding the installer to this model by listing the IIS (including ASP.Net 4.6 and Windows Authentication) prerequisites on this page and encouraging this configuration over Cassini.


The problems we had with the install should be avoidable in future, and the only way this can be achieved is to put a tad more effort into the guidance.  Time is of the essence when deploying, and we often find ourselves troubleshooting the same issues repeatedly - if I was an external user this could be a major deterrent to proceeding with a deployment, and that would be a shame.  We should be making the installation experience as positive as possible.

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Hi Bob, converting this one to a topic as the forum a better place for discussions.

There are no released version of Now that require IIS. It may be best practice to use IIS, but that isn't the purpose of that page. That said, Cassini has been end of life'd and future version of Now and Broker will not include it, when IIS will become a requirement.

On the subject of IIS features, we can't provide a comprehensive guide to configuring IIS, only suggest the minimal configuration for our products. For ASP.Net features specifically, none of our products are build on 4.6; current releases use .Net 4.5 with .Net Core the target for future development.