Scripted deployment of UNIFYNow extensibility

Bob Bradley 5 years ago 0

While there is an existing process of migrating config (https://voice.unifysolutions.net/knowledge-bases/8/articles/2719-migrating-unifynow-between-environment) it is far from ideal - essentially because of the challenges posed by the 5 bullet points at the bottom of the article.

Furthermore, the configuration itself is incredibly tedious, even in the simplest of environments, especially since we're now implementing the Safety Catch mechanism as a "best practice".  This is even after having used the Auto Config wizard, which these days gets us perhaps 50% of the way there.  Problems include

  1. needing to replace global operations list for each MA with a single global operation list for all MAs in the right sequence with the FIM MA first;
  2. needing to configure the Safety Catch mechanism manually for inbound, outbound and global operation lists;
  3. having to set up exclusion groups manually; and
  4. on occasion (perhaps only with earlier versions) the MA guids have become corrupted (e.g. UNIFYNow startup when the FIMSynchronizationService is not running), and this can cost hours in manually rebuilding the config (Refresh MAs button doesn't ever seem to work in this scenario).

By moving from a manual to a scripted model we could kill 2 birds with one stone and significantly reduce design and deployment time, while improving consistency and reliability of UNIFYNow deployments (I am seeing evidence of misconfigured sites now).

I've spoken to Matt about this idea and I believe some prototype work was being done in a related area … hopefully this can be something worth progressing while the topic is hot.  What needs to be done to get traction with this one please?