UNIFY Now - Memory leak in internet explorer

Hayden Gray 5 years ago updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 5 years ago 4

Hi Guys,

Towards the end of last year we upgraded to UNIFY Now v4.0.4 and have noticed that if an internet explorer window (with the UNIFY Now client open) is running for a few days. The memory of the internet explorer process grows to >1.5 gig.

This usually isn't too much of an issue as the environment is monitored regularly, however if the browser window is left open in a user's unattended session for a few days, the high memory usage will begin to impact the sync service.

I found the below ticket referring to possibly the same issue in an older version of Event Broker, and from what I could tell the solution was to upgrade the browser to a later version:


The current browser version we have is IE 10.0.9200.22032, which is well inside the prerequisite information listed in the install information (which recommends IE v8+).

I am wondering if this is still a known issue or whether an upgrade to a later version (IE v11) is what fixed the issue in this other ticket?



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Hey Hayden,

Haven't heard of this one in a while. Upgrading to the latest browser (or trying another browser) would be the best bet - generally these memory leaks exist from the javascript engine (as the UI uses background calls to refresh the content).

If an upgrade or new browser doesn't fix it, any more information you can give us would be great (or a reproduction). Which page is it leaking on, what's the memory profile like, etc.

Thanks Matthew,

I'll raise a request to updated the browser, and will monitor to see if that fixes it. I'll add another comment on this question based on what the results are.



I have monitored the memory on the updated version of IE (11.0.9600.19329) for just over a week now and it appears to be running well. I haven't noticed any spikes or leaks in memory on the browser.


Great, thanks Hayden. Feel free to reopen the ticket if you do notice another spike in the memory usage.