Is the UNIFYBroker agent the correct agent to use for very recent versions of UNIFYBroker?

Tom Parker 6 years ago updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 6 years ago 2

Hi all,

Based on the issue I had recently that Beau ended up talking me through, is the UNIFYBroker agent actually the correct agent to use for very recent releases of UNIFYBroker?

The issue that I was having when trying to configure UNIFYNow I wasn't seeing the UNIFYBroker runs appear until I replaced the UNIFYNow agent with a Rest API agent.

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Hi Tom

You should consider the Identity Broker Agent and the Identity Broker Rest API Operation to be actually named the Legacy Identity Broker Agent and Legacy Identity Broker Rest API Operation, respectively. It's for use with Identity Broker v5.1.x and older which featured a very limited rest API specifically implemented for enabling Event Broker to trigger connector imports using this agent/operation combo.

The Identity Broker Agent is for use with the Identity Broker Changes checking operation which are the older equivalent of the LDAP Directory Agent and Changes Operation. They have nothing to do with either of the REST operations.

The Rest API Agent is the agent to use for the Identity Broker Rest API Operation and the generic Rest API Operation.

From v5.2 onward, Broker features a full Rest API that can be used to perform any control or configuration action. To better support this in Event Broker/UNIFYNow, we added the Rest API Agent and Operation which allows any REST request to be sent to any Rest API service, Broker included. Its this agent and operation that should be used with newer version of Broker, however the new API maintains backwards compatibility with the old, so the legacy agent and operation should still function in upgrade scenarios.

The Identity Broker Rest API Operation is basically a Broker specific version of the generic Rest API Operation. Use it unless you want to do something other than trigger connector imports.

Hope this clears things up. I'm going to update the relevant documentation pages with this information soon, so let me know if you feel anything is still unclear or should be included. Also, we'll probably update the legacy agent/operation names next release of UNIFYNow so it's clearer at a glance.


Made a few minor corrections to my previous reply. Doco is updated now too. It was mostly right, hopefully more clear now.