MIM MA and Run Profile guids not resolving in console

Bob Bradley 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 6

When performing a side-by-side upgrade for 2 environments concurrently, I am experiencing a UI problem in DEV only whereby the MA and Run Profile GUIDs are not translated to the correct names on the console - even though these guids are actually correct.  This means that the run profiles do not work and ALL of them have to be edited.

Rather than go through the tedious process of editing each one of them through the UI ... they all seem to work fine after this (next/next/next seems to focus the picklists on the right entry) ... but I can't work out what is happening here exactly.

Please can I have some interactive assistance in working out what has happened - I don't want this to happen in the PROD deployment and not know what to do.




It seems like it was a permissions error (service account was changed).

Under review

Is the refresh button not resolving it?

I'm running version 3.2.1 Revision #3 (pending new license key).  When I look on the agents page there is no refresh button visible.

I've tried the "Refresh MAs" button to the right of the Management Agents header on the FIM Agent's Management Agents page - but this does nothing.  In the xml the MA names are appearing in the display name tags, but are rendering as guids.

Yes, that's the right button. That should work, considering the id's haven't changed.

Is there anything in the logs?

I ended up resolving the problem by doing the following:

  1. stopped the service
  2. re-copied the source extensibility files
  3. updated the folder/contents security to give the Event Broker service account FULL ACCESS
  4. edited Unify.Framework.Web.WebEnginePlugInKey.extensibility.config.xml to change /WebEngine/@enabled='true' (false in DEV where I am using IIS)
  5. started the service

I don't know how we got into the state we were in, but it is now working OK.  Perhaps some combo of settings was incorrect - don't know.  Please close ticket - unknown cause.


It seems like it was a permissions error (service account was changed).