Run profile names do not match FIM, and do not fire correctly

Curtis Lusmore 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 1


During MIM Event Broker operation, the run profiles and management agent names presented on the interface are not consistent with those present in MIM. Run profiles may also fail to fire, and seem to be referencing old run profile names. This can occur as a result of a change to the MIM Synchronization Service configuration.

Affected Software

  • MIM Event Broker
  • Microsoft Identity Manager


Run profile and management agent names are not displayed consistently with those that are present in the MIM instance. MIM Event Broker also displays alerts referencing errors that have occurred whilst attempting to execute a specific run profile, where the specified name does not exist. The following error may appear in the logs:

Operation ec28464f-e34b-448f-9d54-d9d577874500 failed in operation list with id 20a2aa29-aa98-4770-9db5-e8e2cd3fcc61 for the following reason.
This is retry number 0: System.Runtime.Remoting.ServerException: Operation for management agent with id 9f6ef9ad-ae71-4d9f-a351-d9e0734c0909 with name Full Import Full Sync failed with result no-start-unknown-profile-name


The behaviour mentioned in the Symptoms can occur when management agents and run profiles are either renamed or removed in MIM.

If management agents and run profiles have been renamed:

  • Navigate to the Agents page, and click on the Refresh icon located next to the appropriate FIM agent.

If MAs and run profiles have been readded or removed:

  • Edit the configuration for problematic run profile operations so that they reference an existing run profile.
WARNING: The Pending Exports Changes Operation will also be affected if a management agent is deleted. This should be noted before making major changes to the identity management solution while MIM Event Broker is in use.