The service will not start because a port is in use

Curtis Lusmore 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 1


MIM Event Broker service cannot be started, and a System.Exception: Port X is in use message appears in the Windows Event Viewer. With the default configuration, this message will read System.Exception: Port 8080 is in use.

Affected software

  • MIM Event Broker


  • The MIM Event Broker service cannot be started on a machine due to a port exception.


This issue usually occurs because the web engine is attempting to host MIM Event Broker on a port that is already in use when the service is started.

Possible steps to resolve:

  • Verify the web engine is not attempting to use a port that is known to be in use by another application.
  • A web browser may still be listening to the MIM Event Broker port even after the service has been stopped, and as such, the web browser instance must be closed to completely clear the port for re-use (not just an FIM Event Broker tab, for instance).
  • Restart the DNS service, as this has been known to hold on to ports.
  • If that does not resolve the issue, execute the following command netstat -aon | findstr :8080 (replacing 8080 with the appropriate port number)
    • The number on the right is a process id - look at the task manager and try and find this id.
    • If possible, close or restart the process with the id that was found.
  • Use the command tasklist to match the id with the process name.