Reinstate Operation List Play Button

Bob Bradley 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 7

In the upgrade to version 3.2 we lost the green play button that appears against each Operation List on the dashboard - in favour of a consolidated "Actions" button. While I understand that this helps in context sensitive operations (e.g. Execute not visible while list is executing) I find that during testing in particular it is annoying to have to click twice for just this one thing I do repeatedly - and I'm sure other users of the console would do likewise in an operations context.

This sounds like a very minor change - but I am noticing how annoying it is to have to continually do this - so I figure it must be the same for others.



To be addressed in UI rewrite.

Under review

Thanks Bob.

Are you able to describe the sort of testing that you're doing? What are the things that you're going through? As the dashboard isn't really designed for doing this sort of thing, it's more for display purposes (for example IdB only shows 10 objects, don't recall what EB does). We may be able to come up with a better workflow for what you're trying to achieve.


In my scenario I am testing changes to a multi-step PowerShell operation list (4 powershell tasks in sequence). In another one I am testing another operation list which has nested operations consisting of powershell and run profile operations. I am executing these repeatedly as I adjust my script and test the results.

In more of a production context I am more likely to want to run ad-hoc operation lists - but in doing so I am constantly running into the scenario where the operation list I want to run is not on the dashboard list (e.g. it has no schedule at all, such as the FIM Service Incoming, or something new that I'm doing which has a title of "Confirmed AD Exports" which is used when my "Safety Catch" feature is triggered and I want to allow the unimpeded execution of an export after the pending export has been reviewed).

In both cases I would be keen to see the green PLAY action appear next to the Operations (list) page (as it does on the dashboard), and also on the Operation (details) page. Often it would be nice to be able to force one of these to STOP as well ... but that's a separate idea.

Thanks Bob. I've added this to the backlog.

On a related note, I was giving QBE solution training yesterday morning and there was some interesting feedback from the Sydney operations lead. In his opinion the ENABLE and DISABLE button colours on the Operation List page (as per the connector details page on Identity Broker) are confusing for operators - his explanation was that GREEN = running/OK, and RED=stopped/BAD. In other words when everything is running OK and you click on the details tab you see this RED DISABLE button and momentarily the reaction is that something is wrong.

The point was that people (particularly ops) are trained to recognise GREEN=GOOD and RED=BAD, yet in our case we seem to be using the complete opposite idea.

Granted that the context seems to make sense from a "what am I wanting to do NEXT" perspective, but it probably isn't so good from a "WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW?" perspective.

We need to rethink this a bit I think.

Agreed, it needs a rethink. Not going to just swap it though for the 50% that see it that way though.

Yes, I'm not sure why "enabled" or "disabled" is associated with "good" or "bad". So personally, I don't find it confusing one way or the other. Read the text on the screen.

What I'd like to see is suggestions that get away from having that debate.


To be addressed in UI rewrite.