Event Broker agent wizard leads to "The server is unwilling to process the request" exception for specific OU

Bob Bradley 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 10

When an OU is configured for an AD agent that is NOT the domain root (e.g. "OU=Employees,DC=mim2016,DC=local") we get the following exception when the generated incoming operation list is activated:

Operation faulted: The server is unwilling to process the request. - Please see the log viewer for more details.

This is because the AD Sync Changes check operation uses the full DN for the "Domain" property instead of the DC part only (i.e. "DC=mim2016,DC=local").

To avoid this error the AD sync changes operation needs to extract the DC DN from the full DN supplied.


Under review

Bob, I changed this from a bug and have added it to the EB backlog.


Thanks Bob for raising this issue.

Hi Adam,

We are also experiencing the same issue. Do we have an ETA for this fix?



Can you just update the agent to point to the DC?

The is no ETA yet as it hasn't been scheduled, it's on the backlog and has an easy workaround.

I already pointed to look the root DN. As you know this is not ideal as it will look for changes in the entire directory as opposed to the managed OU.


Under review

That's how the operation works, it can only function that way. If you want to target a specific OU you have to use AD Changes instead of Sync Changes. See here for details.

Ok, I see. So it is not really a defect then?

Thanks for clarifying this Adam. I will use AD Changes then.


Correct (as long as I'm understanding Bob's original request). But by doing what Bob suggested, it can at the very least inform the use that this is the case.

Reviewing this issue again, yes this is a defect but a minor one.

What is confusing is the label "Organization unit name" under the "Create AD Changes -> Selection criterion details".

The label must be renamed to "Root DN" or something similar?

Thanks, yes, as part of this issue we'll look to make it clearer as well.