Intuitive scheduling

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One of the largest tasks when managing the operations of Event Broker is operating on its schedule. From week to week, the schedule for a system may change as backup schedules change, clashes are found, or implications for other systems are discovered. In large solutions, it can be a number of months before a suitable schedule is decided on such that all interested parties are not affected adversely, and that all operations are given fair time to complete unhindered.

This process is quite arduous due to v2.2.x's scheduling interface, and the fact that schedules are stored all over the place. To get a full picture of what operations occur during a week, for instance, you need to manually check every operation list, and draft a schedule for yourself. This could be made much more efficient by having a mechanism for displaying a week or a month's schedule.

It would also be useful to have highlighted areas where contention or clashes occur regularly. For instance, if a weekly full sync is constantly clashing with export operations, it would be useful to have at the very least some sort of notification for this sort of behaviour, and perhaps suggestions of suitable times for these to run.

Moreover, it would be useful to highlight when an operation is taking much longer than expected. Event Broker could calculate the average run time for an operation, and feed back when the operation takes far longer than this amount of time.

While this may be "visions of grandeur", having Event Broker make scheduling much "smarter" would be a big step forward in the maturation of the product.

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