Ability to view queued operation list requests

Bob Bradley 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

Where an external call to run an EvB operation fails due (for example, a run profile execution return code of "no-start-ma-already-running" from the FIM Sync service) then this request can be queued for retry if the operation list is configured to do so. In such a circumstance this queued request is not presently visible to the Event Broker administrator, and consequently there is nothing telling him if he needs to manually invoke the operation list him/herself. This situation will also occur with the planned intro of a new non-polling change trigger for Active Directory.

Some way is required for these pending triggers to be visible to the administrator, including:

  • number of queued requests (if indeed more than one may be present - may not be applicable)
  • age of (oldest) request
  • expected time until request will be cleared (with a retry)
  • reason for request being queued

Possibly the ability to flush all queued requests would be sensible too.

At present - particularly after an export to the FIM Portal via the FIM MA - you can be watching the FIM Identity Manager Console for some time before you see the confirming delta import/delta sync fire, and something that can help identify the cause of any delay would be enlightening.

This may be a duplicate or UFCORE-60, or at least related.

This will be done as part of the larger scheduler improvements issue.