Is there a to disable Agent from continue performing the TestConnection()?

Shane Lim 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

I have configured an Agent for AD, which is currently not working. See EB-293

It continued to peridically perform the TestConnection() operation, eventhough the associated Operation List are disabled. This of course keep writing the warning/error to the log entry and it make it harder go through the log trying to diagnose other issues.

Is there a way to disable the TestConnection() when we definitely know that the Agent is not working and should only enable once we know that it is working again?

I am not certain disabling the Agent itself has other implication to the Operation List that are enabled and use this agent.

So I thought I ask this question.

Hi Shane,

No, there is currently no way to disable an agent.

The only benefit to doing such a thing I can think of is to stop the TestConnection running, but I will follow up with the team to determine if we want to:

  • Extend the time it tests from 15 minutes to an hour, OR
  • Add the ability to disable an agent, OR
  • Do nothing and advise the user to delete and agent if they expect it will be unable to connect for an extended period of time.

Hi Patrick,

If we updated the Agent configuration, would it trigger the TestConnection() without waiting for the 15 minutes?

In regarding to the option of extending the test time from 15 minutes to an hour, perhaps making the time configurable per Agent and set the default to 15 minutes.


Re-open and assign to Patrick for further understanding and provide additional suggestion.

Yes, a new test is trigged every time the configuration is updated.

Making it configurable is too large a change than I'd be willing to make at this stage. As such, I'll extend the timeout to something similar to an hour and that will have to suffice.

Questions answered and issue resolved. Closed.