Scale more cleanly to smaller displays

Richard Courtenay 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

As you shrink the size of the screen the page eventually begins to deform, in particular the tab navigation.

Its not a big issuenbut it would be nice if it all scaled down more cleanly. While I havent tested it on a mobile browser, it wouldnt surprise me if the scaling issues I'm seeing on a desktop browser would make the site unusable on a mobile device. It might not be in scope, but if the top menu scaled ok the rest of the site might actually work pretty well on a standard mobile device which could be useful for remote administration.

Seems to be an issue when you drop bellow about 640px, which means its not an issue for desktops. As noted I havent actually tested on any mobile devices.

Adam, obviously we don't intend on stating support for mobile browsers at this stage, but if Richard's right that it's the only thing not really scaling it might not hurt to fix it. If you think it'll take longer than 30 minutes to do just move it to 3.x.

The problem is the tabs width are not set, the size is a result of the padding on the link.

Unless someone has a suggestion, it would take more time than I have to try and find a solution.

(Moved to 3.x)

Tony, how does the latest design look on a mobile?

Tested with v3.1.0 RTM and a mobile device seems fine to me now. No deformed tabs and the layout simply makes you scroll horizontally when it gets too small.

Closed or migrated to VSO.