Portal workflow powershell script should add default MPRs

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 4

A useful feature as suggested by Bob would be for the Powershell script to not only register the workflow, but also to add some default MPRs for data and rule changes. These MPRs could then have the configured workflow added, without needing to modify any existing MPRs.

RE EB Workflows and Sync Rules must not be combined in same MPR as Workflows run in parallel.msg

Attaching an email where Bob had earlier addressed this question.

Some additional advantages to us creating the MPRs is that the default MPRs can be affected during migration and by FIM hotfixes, whereas we would have more control if our script created defaults for FIMEB.

This idea should be reevaluated following use of the 3.1 auto config wizard, as the workflows are now generated by script, and the setup of MPRs is more clearly explained. It may be that the wizard now gives users enough direction in this regard, but should be confirmed following UAT.

Tony Sheehy, are you able to comment following the release of v3.1?


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