Redirect to Logs and Log Filters

Tony Sheehy 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

Currently the time it takes to search through the logs for a recent event feels a little sluggish - with more operation lists / events happening at once it may end up being very difficult to find the details of a particular event.

This could be alleviated by the introduction of search parameters:

e.g. OR / AND / TO-FROM etc.

Additionally, the Logs action should facilitate the search filters in its parameters, such that external pages can redirect to it. This would allow for the following:

e.g. An operation list has run, a little yellow arrow comes up next to the last-run details and it redirects to the log action with the a filter similar to:

<opListGuid> AND <opListName> AND time TO-FROM endtime

Which would adequetly describe the logged details of the run.

As discussed we'll complete this in the next minor version - no need to start work on it until then.

The work on this issue has been cleared from the current solution, and can be readded time permitting.

+1 from Bob Bradley ... such a search facility would be enormously useful in tracking errors within a small timeframe (say ~2 mins) in an environment where ~100K log items are being generated daily.

Closed. Will be address at a much higher level than this issues focus.