How to configure an Operation List to run exclusively?

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On the Event Broker website we talk about "Exclusion Groups". This is a feature I very much want to show Jeff Nelson because he sees this as one of the key selling points (guaranteeing integrity of the FIM baseline in a production day-to-day operational mode where policy may be changed by a FIM admin). I've looked at how I might do this in the console, but is there any particular instructions on how to do this first?

From the website material (https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/EB/Website+Material), this is exactly what I need to do:

"Furthermore, Event Broker can be configured to interrupt standard "delta" processing activity to respond to rule changes with the full synchronizations on each management agent (an example of an Exclusion Group) needed to re-establish a baseline for ongoing delta processing."

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A description on how to configure exclusion groups can be found from the EB300:Groups page. I noticed that though, it was you who added the above sentence to the marketing material - however, I'm not sure if "interrupt" is the best word to describe how the behaviour works. "Interrupt" is correct in that normal processing can be configured to cease while full synchronization operations are occurring. However, currently running operations will not be stopped by a full sync that begins running after delta operations are running.

Thanks Matt - do I take it that once any running deltas are finished that the full sync will continue to run exclusively (i.e. no more deltas fire) until complete?

This is correct, depending on your set up. You'd set up this scenario by making the full sync operation list a trigger member, with the delta processing lists as normal members. This means they will not block other operation lists from running, and will only be blocked by the trigger member.

Thanks Matt - will close when I've been able to satisfy myself that this feature is working as explained

Behaviour understood and confirmed