Event Broker Agent wizard to create missing Active Directory Commit step

Bob Bradley 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

When the wizard is used (via Management Agents button on Agents page), the default configuration created for an AD management agent does not include the necessary "Active Directory Commit" pluggin as a second operation in the AD Incoming operation list following the configured run profile (generally DIDS).


Are you able to test out the Unify.EventBroker.FIM.Configuration.dll? Copy it to the EB services directory (and unblock).

The operation appears to be added by the auto-configuration code, but may have previously had the wrong config. Were you getting anything in the error log?


Thanks Adam van Vliet - will give that a try.

Adam van Vliet - had forgotten about this issue sorry, mainly because the wizard is used generally as a once-off. Will make a point of one of us looking at this in the next few days in Origin DEV (our last chance before final solution release) - Bob Bradley and Richard Green

Adam van Vliet - that was easily tested - worked a treat thanks. Hoping this can make the forthcoming new release. Sorry about the delay. Richard Green - this won't affect our Origin solution because it is already configured, so we don't have to deploy this patch.

Thanks Bob Bradley, yes, it's already made it into the upcoming release.