There is no shortcut entry in the Start menu for the Event Broker v3.0.0 UI as part of the installation

Shane Lim 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

I noticed that there is no shortcut entry in the Start menu for the Event Broker v3.0.0 UI as part of the installation.

Perhaps, a default shortcut is create using the current Internet shortcut in "C:\Program Files (x86)\UNIFY Solutions\Event Broker\Services\UNIFY Event Broker Management Studio".

If necessary we can provide a brief instruction on how to modify this shortcut to point to a different port. Eg Open the file "C:\Program Files (x86)\UNIFY Solutions\Event Broker\Services\UNIFY Event Broker Management Studio" using Notepad and replace the port 8080 with the port that is being configured either in the IIS or the built-in Cassini.

This could be something that Microsoft is required for the certification and usability.

Hi Shane,

Thank you for your suggestion. I believe this has already been done and is ready for v3.0.0.1, but I will have Adam confirm this.

While we are of course interested in all suggestions that improve the quality of the product, the Microsoft certification has nothing to do with usability whatsoever and I ask that unless you read through the full requirements of the certification that you refrain from making such assumptions to avoid confusion.

Also, as you've talked about placing a file in "Program Files (x86)", it sounds like you're using the 32-bit installer on a 64-bit machine. Is there a particular reason you've done this?

As Patrick has stated, the latest version does have a shortcut in the start menu.

Please confirm.


Hi Patrick,

I will thank you for your clarification and advice on the usability in regarding to the certification.

I used the 32-bit installers because I am using 32-bit for other Identity Broker components on the machine.

I will use the 64-bit Event Broker v3.0.0 instead. Would you be able to advice me if there will be any issue mixing the 64-bit Event Broker v3.0.0 to other 32-bit Identity Broker components?

Adam, I will confirm and resolve this issue once the Event Broker v3.0.0.1 is available.

No, there should be no issues whatsoever. If there are, please let us know immediately.

v3.0.0.1 will be available some time today, can't be any more specific than that right now unfortunately.

Confirmed. Fixed in Event Broker v3.0.0.1.
The Event Broker UI shortcut is provided in the Start menu under All Programs > UNIFY Solutions > Event Broker > UNIFY Event Broker Management Studio.


Resolved. Closed.