Is there an equivalent to the "Test" button in Event Broker v2.2.3?

Shane Lim 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 2

Is there an equivalent to the "Test" button in Event Broker v2.2.3?

I am not certain it's just me, but when things doesn't seem to work as I expected I feel that I am a bit lost as to what is going wrong as.

There is no status to indicate whether an Agent or Check Operation is working correctly or not. The only way I can determine that is to look at the log.

This is particularly so when I updated the Agent configuration or Check Operation and sit there wondering when the log will be update with the status to tell me whether the update I have made is good or not.

Hi Shane,

No, there is no test button present on the agent/operations. The validity of parameters (for example, that a connection string is really connection string) is performed, but not that the target system exists. There's a number of technical reasons for this which I won't go in to, but we're working to find the right balance.

Right now alerts are raised on the home page when connectivity to agent systems fail, or when operation lists fail unexpectedly. Richard has raised a suggestion of how to improve these (EB-288) and I'll be looking at tomorrow.

Are there any other improvements you think could be made, under the assumption that an agent/operation must be created before its validity can be checked?

Hi Patrick,

I do not have any other improvements that I could think of given the circustances you have stated in (EB-288). I believe the status alert on the home page in regarding to agent connectivity failed or operation lists failed would help.

One aspect of the problem I have is I configured something and then don't have a clue whehter it is good or not and I don't know how long I have to wait for any feedback.

Perhaps in addition to the status alert in the home page, the status is provided for each agent in the Agents tab.
Also for Agents that is being created or updated the status indicating whether the connectivity is awaiting verification, verified success, verified failed would give some indication.

I am not certain if you want to extend this to include others, such as for the Check Operation type.