FIM Event Broker 3.X.X - Don't reload entire page when updating lists of Operations

Richard Courtenay 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

When modifying an Operations List, the following actions cause a page to reload:
* Delete Operation
* Move operation up
* Move operation down
* Demote operation
* Promote Operation

I've noticed that if I have two browser tabs open and I modify an operation using one of the above commands, that the active tab that I perform the update will have a page refresh and the inactive tab will have the control update within about a second or two without needing to do a full page refresh.

I'd ideally like the behaviour experienced on the inactive tab to be the default action if possible. The page appears capable of updating the DOM at rapid intervals already without a full refresh, so if possible when an update is made that doesn't need a redirection to an entirely different page, the data could be modified in the back end and the control refreshed without refreshing the page.

The page refresh causes the browser position to be lost and I find it can be slow and hinder workflow when you need to sort a number operations at a time or to move a single operation up many spots in an operation list.

This has been reproduced in IE 8. I haven't been able to test whether other browsers exhibit the same behaviour.

Note: This would be less of an issue if/once EB-522 is implemented

Completely agree with the above; FIM Event Broker has a requirement to support Javascript disabled environments, so in some cases UI decisions have been made with compatibility in mind. With that said, this should be really quite easy:

Implementation specific details:

Add an extension method which adds a submit button. Attach an event to it, such that onclick the parent form is searched for and submitted, with the resulting redirection being squashed. This'll let us do this sort of thing pretty easily. Considerations will need to be made about how to best represent additional logging or messages following success (for things like "Successfully deleted 'PRDGRP-TEST1 FIM Agent'").

Estimate for implementation of extension, analysis of pages that require change, and subsequent integration of framework changes.

Covered off/will be looked at as part of EB-522.