FIM Event Broker - Operations creation

Dilip Ramakrishnan 10 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 3

FIM 2010 R2, FIM Portal is not included in the solution.
FIM, IDB Agents are created in the FIM Event Broker

While creating operations to a list- after selecting "Run Profile operation", specific MA, getting error "No accessible run profiles for the FIM agent. Please review connectivity to the FIM database. "

And will not allow to create Operations.

Patrick - Could you assist me on this?

Hi Dilip,

Issues should be logged as Product Group Support to ensure they're picked up by our support filter.

The error message suggests your FIM Agent is having difficult connecting to the FIM Sync Service database. Can you review the EB31:Prerequisites and EB31:Forefront Identity Manager agent to ensure the appropriate accounts and permissions are being used?

Thanks. Database permission issue.