Event Broker schedule exclusions

Eddie Kirkman 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

In order to stop Evb from running operations during backups (which has been causing the sync service to stall) we have put in place exclusions in the schedules for each operation. These are from 22:50 to 00:30 every day of the week.
These seem to be working for all days except on Saturday night. All operations stopped at 22:50, but started again just after midnight. Not sure if this is because that is the end of the week and the exclusions do not roll-over to the next week.
This has currently failed once, so I will be monitoring it after next Sat night to confirm the issue is repeatable.

Hi Adam - just got asked about this open incident and realised that Jira had done its clever thing and assigned it to me, which is annoying as if I knew how to resolve I would not have opened it.

I assume it needs to be looked at by someone in the product group. The issue is around getting EvB to not run things while backups run, which works for all nights but not for the end/start of the week.

It has been ages since this came up so I am guessing it is not pressing with the customer, but I think still a defect/issue with the product. I will see about setting it up in Azure lab to confirm it is a repeatable issue

The issue type is also important, without it being Product Group support it'll likely get missed as well. Has the priority changed from when it was first raised? Thanks.

I think priority is still low/minor. I cannot now recall if this was something that we noticed and raised when we set up the "round midnight" exclusions or if it was noticed by the customer, but it certainly has not been causing them issues as far as I know

Hi Eddie Kirkman,

To fix the issue now copy the attachment from the linked issue into the patches directory. Otherwise upgrade to v3.2 as it contains the fix.