Operations are missing from Event Broker after service restart

Boyd Bostock (BCE) 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

Will send Word attachment including screenshots

1. Open Event Broker http://pnap502.bne.catholic.edu.au:8081/ and logon
2. Choose Operations > Create new operation list
3. Name: Test Operation
4. Create the operations below (only non-default it to Run next operation on failure)
5. Enable Operation List
6. Click Operation tab and confirm new list displays
7. Stop and Start the UNIFY Event Broker service
8. Re-Launch Event Broker console and logon
9. Check Operations List – Gone

Hi Boyd,

Is this issue happening with any change that you make to the configuration?

We have a known issue that is scheduled to be fixed in Event Broker v3.0.3, where it is possible to be unaware that the configuration is not being saved.

Are you able to check if the service account (the account that the Event Broker service is configured to run as) has permission to write the Event Broker Extensibility directory? This will be located by default under C:\Program Files\UNIFY Solutions\Event Broker\

If this makes no sense, let me know and I will work with Matthew on confirming this.

From Boyd:

Gave the service account permission to the folder C:\Program Files\UNIFY Solutions\Event Broker\. Re-ran the previous test and problem did not re-occur.

A troubleshooting articles has been created at EB300:Event Broker configuration is lost following a restart of the service.

EB-471 has been scheduled for the next patch release to provide better and immediate feedback to the user.