Ability to control Identity Broker processes

Mark Southwell 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 4

On behalf of Mark Southwell (InTACT):

Request ability to control Identity Broker imports (full and sync) against connectors. InTACT would prefer a centralised scheduling for this ability.

I've added the initial implementation of this operation to allow for calls to Identity Broker operations, but consider the requirements -


What should be the failure/success conditions for this operation?

  • Should this operation fail when the connector fails?

Because of the implementation of Identity Broker, the operations cannot be scheduled, and must block on the thread. This will circumvent the queue-on-blocked implementation in v4 - and could cause timeout problems. Additionally, the Identity Broker v3 implementation does not block, and would require a new minor version (that would be a prerequisite for EB 3.1).

An alternative implementation would see the Event Broker operation wait for a notification from Identity Broker that the operation had completed, which could cause problems if notifications were missed.

This issue requires changes to be made in linked issue.

Dependant on 4.1 which is after 3.1; moved to 3.2

Migrated to Visual Studio Online.