Agent Create Button - what is it for?

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 11 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 5

I'm confused about the "Create" button in the main Agents screen.

It only seems to serve a purpose when you want to create a type of agent that's at the top of the list. If I select a type from the drop down, it creates it immediately without me requiring to press "Create"

Can we improve this so it's clearer what's actually happening?

There is a similar behaviour elsewhere. Two examples are the "Create Operations" form or the "Create Check Operation" form, both accessible from the Operations tab when editing an Operation.

The drop down on the Operations page to filter on groups however only reacts when the button is pressed.

Look at in next patch version.

The button is there for those without JavaScript (which submits the form when the dropdown is changed).

The button could be hidden for those with JavaScript, but that leaves the case where the user may want to create the top item in the list, because clicking it would not then submit the form. Not sure how to get around this one.

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