Improved handling of connections to outside systems (FIM, IDB, AD, SQL Server, etc.)

Patrick Johannessen 14 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

In Event Broker 2.x, connections to outside systems were handled in two ways:

  • The details of a single FIM database instance were saved in configuration, and Event Broker had to be installed on the same machine due to no WMI configuration flexibility.
  • The details to other systems (IDB, AD, SQL Server, etc) were stored separately in operation configurations. Details were often duplicated across many operations, configured differently for each of them and sensitive information (eg passwords) stored in plain text.

Event Broker v3.0 should solve this problem by using "Agents". An agent should contain all the information required to connect to a particular type of system in a secure manner. PlugIns can then request instances of an agent and use this information to connect to the target system. For example:

  • A FIM Agent should contain the database and WMI details necessary to connect to an instance of FIM.
  • An Identity Broker Agent should contain the location of the WCF endpoints and any credentials necessary to access them.

A bonus of this approach is that the Event Broker service can now be installed on any machine and even multi-target FIM instances.