Where is EventBrokerService.exe.config referred to for creating Identity Broker Agent

Shane Lim 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 8

Where is EventBrokerService.exe.config referred to for creating Identity Broker Agent, https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/EB300/Identity+Broker.

The document does not state that I need to create on and file search could not find "EventBrokerService.exe.config" under either "<Program Files>\UNIFY Solutions" or "<Program Files (x86)>\UNIFY Solutions"

Hi Shane,

It seems the documentation is out of date, as you shouldn't be required to make any changes anymore.

Can you please try without making any modifications? I'll make sure the documentation is updated accordingly.

Sorry for the confusion.

Hi Patrick,
Given that I cannot locate any file by such a name and your input, I have configured the Identity Broker Agent successfully with the following configuration:

Name: chris21-pdt_MA-AHG
Endpoint Address: http://localhost:59990/IdentityBroker/ChangesAvailableAdapter.svc
Endpoint Configuration: IdentityBroker

I recommend that the document be update asap, as other seems to indicated that this is still a requirement. See EB-301.

This issue is resolved.

The documentation has been corrected. Marked as resolved.

Hi Matthew,

I am confused now. Could you please help me clarify the following:

1 - In Event Broker v3.0.0.1, there is no such a file EventBrokerService.exe.config being installed and I did not required to manually create it to configure Identity Broker Agent correctly working. Thus is this now required in the later version?

2 - In the following documentation, https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/EB300/Identity+Broker and https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/EB300/Identity+Broker+Changes there is no mention of where this file EventBrokerService.exe.config is located.

3 - If it is required, does the file name has the ".xml" extension or not? Note: This file name is referenced in the following Jira pages https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/EB300/Identity+Broker and https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/EB300/Identity+Broker+Changes

Thank you.


Does this require any work?


Apologies Shane, the documentation still referred to an incorrect file name. I have just corrected this - can you please confirm this is accurate?

From the comment made I understood that the correct filename is "Unify.Service.Event.exe.config", without the ".xml" extension.

Issue closed.

Thanks Adam!

I got side tracked and forgot.