Create FIM Portal workflow to handle rule changes

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 8

To overcome the issue of not being able to detect when a full sync is required following a policy/rule change on the FIM portal, a custom workflow is to be created. The workflow will be used to run a baseline operation list in Event Broker in the event a rule change occurs, and a standard delta operation in the event that a data change occurs. The workflow should be attached to the existing workflow which states that Administrators can change rules using the portal.

This involves the creation of further research, design and creation of workflow and UI components, as well as creation of a separate installer.

The UI component contains the configuration for the custom activity in the FIM workflow engine. The activity will be attached to a workflow object which will be invoked by attaching the respective policy to the existing policy defining what occurs following rule and data changes (Admins can change rules).

Chris Cox has informed me I would be able to look at the part of the training course that addresses creating a custom workflow using one of the training machines


A custom workflow can be created using the Windows Workflow template found in Visual Studio. Custom activities can then have a "Send" or "Receive" activity added, which is used to invoke a WCF service. This looks like it is very doable


A send activity (the type that makes a WCF call) looks like it blocks the workflow from completing until the call is complete. It looks like the Execute method requires override, and this method can be used to make the call

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Other users have had the workflow working successfully. Issue closed.