Event Broker - 'Add a next operation' should insert operations mid list

Richard Courtenay 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

When modifying an Operation Lists list of operations, there are two ways to add a 'next operation'. The first is the 'New Operation' link at the very end of the list, the other is clicking the gear icon and selecting 'Add a next operation'. Both methods result in the next operation being added to the very end of the list.

Intuitively I feel that if you select the gear icon and choose to 'Add a next operation', the operation should be inserted immediatly after the operation corresponding to the gear icon/popup menu.

There would be two benefits to this
a) Adding an operation near the top of a long list would be a lot quicker
b) The logic in my mind is consistent with the 'Add child operation' which adds the child to the selected node. Given the behaviour of adding a child, I think it is fair to assume that adding a next operation would add it after the selected operation, despite this not being the case.

A work around currently is to add the new operation as a 'child' operation and to then perform a 'promote operation'. This has the effect of performing an insert, and I have found it to usually be quicker than adding a next operation and then clicking 'move operation up' numerous times (the fact the page refreshes after each move makes this cumbersome).

This effects both 3.0.X and 3.1.X.


Attached a rather extreme example where an insert is desirable. Even if there are only about 5 or 6 operation I begin to find inserts desirable.

For examination in v3.1.1, if it it's a large change the next minor version may be more appropriate.

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