Create Email from ADAM plugin

Adam van Vliet 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 9

Create an Email from ADAM plugin.

Hi Bob,

Do you know if this Event Broker plugin is in use anywhere and whether you believe it would be required in the new version?

Please reassign back to me with an answer.


Adam - this plug-in was deployed to DEH (Canberra) for their original MIIS SP2 solution in 2006. Since then it was used at one stage at Qld DET (although not in their latest solution) and also in the prototype solution I demonstrated to the SACE Board to achieve cheap SMS notifications via an SMS gateway with an ILM2007 configuration. As with the HTTP plug-in it remains out of scope of the production solution at the present time (although SMS integration was a requirement of the successful RFT) .... however I do not know if this is still in use @ DEH (where I expect it was superceded by "Codeless Framework" functionality). Please check with the present DEH solution consultant. This idea was a pre-FIM portal concept which is still relevant in non-portal configurations.

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Please see Bobs comment.



Any update on this?


Adam, there does not appear to be a strong case for including the ADAM (ADLDS)plug-in a this stage. I recommend that we postpone it until 3.x and then revisit the requirement when prioritising 3.x work.

Hi Bob,

Do you think there's any reason to keep this around? I'd prefer not to as I've yet to see any demand for it, and I'm hoping something comparable is achievable through the portal or the existing powershell plug-in, but I'd like your input first.

Hi Patrick
I've used this plug-in (which was originally written by Emlyn for DEH) in one solution in SA, but we're no longer supporting the solution. I think that it SHOULD be possible to achieve the same functionality with PowerShell, so I am personally comfortable if you discontinue it.

Thanks Bob - if such a situation arises let us know and we'll be more than happy to help migrate to another plug-in.