Trigger group members do not block, and configuration is not correct after changing trigger memberships

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

In an exclusion group, members marked as trigger members are not correctly blocking each other. Further investigation revealed that changing trigger memberships is not reflected in the operation engine configuration file. This was found attempting to add two trigger members to an exclusion group, with no normal members, and the operation list configuration for each continually switched around after repeated attempts (the first operation list would be the trigger member, then the second, then the first etc., while the other was added as a normal member)

An exclusion group with only normal members was found to be fine. The engine's handling of the above (incorrect) configuration was still found to be correct.

Was found to be some bad logic with adding trigger groups. Once a trigger member had been added, it would be removed and added to normal groups on the next update. This made it look like members were not properly blocking each other. Testing several operation lists when they were in the correct state (ie. when they were all first added as trigger members at the same time) worked perfectly, and members blocked each other from running (as expected).

To be tested in the morning.

Tested and confirmed correct. Set to closed.