Creation of storage mechanism for operational info

Patrick Johannessen 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 5

In Event Broker v2.x, operations and plugins could store operational information and other "hidden parameters" (such as timestamps) for later use.

As Event Broker v3.0 has no database, a new storage mechanism for this kind of information is required. It should be similiar to Identity Broker's "Stored Values Engine", except using something similiar to XML files in isolated storage rather than a database. It requires, at a minimum:

  • The ability to share information amongst operations in an operation list by the loading & saving of values.
  • Values to be stored and retrieved in a similar fashion to IValue in the entity value collection (strongly typed).

Other potential uses include:

  • A persistent store for operational information such as the execution times of operation lists, etc.

The StoredValuesEngine currently crashes whenever I try and stop the service. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

The issue is that it attempts to save to isolated storage on exit, and if the service is not installed, it is unsure of where things need to be saved

Remaining work on this item is purely for "health" information that will likely miss this release. Priority changed and reassigned to v3.X.

Matthew Clark, this should be covered by UFCORE-73. Please confirm.

Closed or migrated to VSO.