How to Stop IB and EB touching FIM Sync and FIM Service DB suring DB backups

Nigel Jones 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

I have seen FIM Exports with web service errors because the DB server was running backups for FIM Sync and Service. Additionally The source data that IB reads (SAS2IDM = SQL view) is on the same server)... I can config exlcusion timeing for IB to exlude the backup window. How do I do the same for EB as I am not using an EB schedule. Becasue I am using change detection I want to config EB to not dtect during exlcuison times. This would stop EB detecting then exporting to FIM MA and the risk of web servie errors in FIM Sync

EB Exclusion Periods.png

Nigel, is EB300:Schedules what you're after?

I don't think so but I may be wrong

I have configured EB for FIM based on change detection. I do not want FIM Sync trying to Export to FIM MA whilst the FIM Service DB is being backed up (as I have seen FIM Sync web services errors when this happens)

So can I just "STOP" EB for a period of time whilst it is doing it's change detection thing and whilst the FIM Service DB is being backed up?


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Hey Nigel,

The Schedules component is exactly what you're looking for to make that happen. See the attached screenshot, you can set up your export operation list not to run during the backup window. In the screenshot, the schedule would run every 30 seconds exception between 8am and 12pm on Mondays.

A few words rather than just a URL and it all clicks

FYI sample configs on AOD would help me a lot ...

Thanks Matthew