Allowance for multiple operation list configurations

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 8

A long requested feature of Event Broker has been the ability to quickly switch between configurations, or to run a different operation list under certain conditions. It would be useful for Event Broker v3 to finally allow for this, or alternatively, allow for more sophisticated branching under certain events (more easily configurable than label operations in v2.2.x).

A use case for the former would be switching between an operation list with logging operations enabled, and one without. This would be useful when testing system configuration using Event Broker to automate ILM/FIM attribute flows, without having to sit through unnecessary logging. Once testing has completed and the Event Broker configuration is migrated to the a production environment, the alternative operation list could be used. There are many cases like this where this would be useful

It should be intuitive and straight-forward to be able to switch between configurations

Part of this issue is resolved through the new tree-like branching of operation lists

Time permitting, EB-41 presents a simple mechanism for allowing this rather quickly, rather than having "mode changes" or multiple configurations attached to a particular scenario

Matt, what's being done with this?

The ability to copy operation lists, as well as use the new tree-branching structure, addresses this request. Marked as resolved pending usability feedback

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