Further investigation of AD Sync Changes detection mechanism

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 1

The synchronization cookie mechanism used by the AD Sync Changes mechanism can consume large amounts of memory, as the token seems to represent all changes present in the AD instance. This was investigated as part of EB-463 and found to be because of a FindAll call that is required for this mechanism to work (whereas a FindOne may retrieve each change until all changes are finally exhausted). Further investigation may be performed into:

  • Any Active Directory level setting which may reduce the size of the cookie
  • Programming constructs around the DirectoryServices namespace that will ensure large amounts of memory are not consumed
  • Testing of FindOne to confirm whether or not individual changes only will be constantly retrieved, or if the token is successfully updated following a delta import

Matthew Clark, I believe this issue would be redundant following EB-563.