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This is related to task 236 https://unifysolutions.jira.com/browse/EB-236

Firstly I'd like to see a "test connection" button on the creation page, rather than going through with incorrect settings and finding out after the fact.

Secondly is there any reason you have to enter the password twice on the AD Agent and LDAPDirectory Agents. We aren't creating a new password, just authenticating, so to my mind you should only need to supply the password once.

Initial thoughts as follows:

Good point on the passwords... strange that it hasn't occurred to any of us before now. I'll discuss it with Adam but I believe you're right, no need to prompt the user twice.

Your first idea, while ideal (and in line with the features offered in v2.x), is quite difficult. The major problem is the distributed nature of the application - we need to test connectivity from the service, so we'd have to post the agent config to the server and have it tested. The web makes this difficult as we can't just run it on a different thread like in a multi-threaded desktop allocation, we'd have to make the webpage hang around waiting for a request which could take some time (especially if the details are wrong). The architecture is also only really set up to test agents that have already been created. I like the idea and we should do something similar for operations, but it might be out of reach for this cycle.

Would it help if certain alerts were also consumed on the agents page; that is to say, the agents that are not configured properly are highlighted in some way on the agents index?

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Yeah that might be a worthwhile idea although I wouldn't make the status on the agents page a priority, its probably more of a UI refinement thing given you can ultimately get the info on the homepage.

I'm going from memory here too since I need to run out the door, but I believe I recall having an issue I had was when I misconfigured it, got the alert and reconfigured it. I had the same alert on the home page about the misconfiguration but it wasn't obvious to me whether the alert was regarding the initial configuration and it just hadn't updated the message or if I had again misconfigured it. Thats going off memory as I don't have time to check just now whether there was a timestamp or something.

  • For the reasons I've listed before, a "Test connection" button on the create page is out of scope for this version - however, we will endeavour to have it available in the next release. For now, EB-261 outlines the changes we're making to help with this.
  • After talking with the team, there is a reason we have the "confirm password" field - because of the problem above with being unable to test credentials, it's important to get the password right first time or it may be a few minutes before it can be rectified. While the plain text fields can be looked at before hitting submit, password fields cannot, so we confirm it.

If thats the case, should the SQL connection box also have two password confirmation fields? The Create FIM and Create SQL agent ones only have a single field.

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Got an additional question regarding this, see comments

Ahh, good point, thanks - I mentioned it someone yesterday but not sure if it was followed up on.

Tony, can you check this out when you get a chance?

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Point 2 has been completed; point 1 has been deferred to 3.1 for initial feasibility.