Ability to nominate a prioritised set of specific DCs for the AD Sync Changes plugin

Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

The FIM/ILM AD Management agent allows the nomination of a list of specified DCs in connection priority order, to override the default arbitary selection of any DC on a domain. When the AD Sync Changes plugin is used in a multi DC environment where there are even minor replication delays, the plug-in can fire before the DC to which the AD MA performs the delta import (change log read) has been updated, causing the change to be missed (in particular object deletions it seems). The above scenario could be mitigated if the plugin configuration was allowed to mimic this exact capability, thereby reducing (if not elminating) the possibility that changes are missed.

For more details refer to the blog post below.

Thank you for the suggestion Bob, this is certainly something we'll consider. However, the specs for the current version have already been locked down by order of Mark, so it shall be reviewed in the first post-3.0 release.

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