Generic LDAP Listener configuration

Monash 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

The Monash Directory Service is an Oracle LDAP Directory.
We are creating a Generic LDAP Listener as part of the Event Broker implementation to detect changes and trigger operation lists on our MDS MA.

We are unable to complete the creation of the LDAP Directory Agent as it states that 'Domain' is a mandatory field if left blank and returns an error, regardless of the helper test stating that it is not.

Please advise

EvB - LDAP Listener.jpg

Hi Monash, does this error appear on the UI when configuring, or when running? Could you please send a screenshot/log of the error?


This error appears in the UI when configuring.

Screenshot has been attached

Perfect, thanks. This issue has been fixed already, just not yet released. I've packaged up the patch as Unify.EventBroker.Agents.Web.dll. Copy it to the Web bin directory, by default:

C:\Program Files\UNIFY Solutions\Event Broker\Web\bin\

You may need to unblock the dll (right click, properties, unblock, ok).

If you have any issues please let me know.

new dll given