Handle case changes for Modify Anchor

Adam van Vliet 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

QDET-49 & QDET-87

Consider using the logging engine to catch and report errors, or simply do not perform the modify anchor in these cases.

Migration Failure Message.png

QDET-49 contains some investigation into the case sensitivity of distinguished names. A change to prevent DN modification in a case-sensitive instance may potentially cause issues where distinguished name values are sent to case-sensitive DN stores other than Active Directory. Further investigation is required.

The migration service yields a very uninformative error in this case (see screenshot). It may be that the SharePoint object model does not expose sufficient information to determine why a migration failed, although this would also require further investigation.

As an aside, subsequent attempts to migrate said profiles seem to succeed, which seems to indicate the first migration is successful, even if an error status is returned.

Invalid work logs, must include a component or fixVersion to be valid. Fixed.

Resolved in IDBSP-36, to be closed when resolution is confirmed.

This was present in v3.0.5. Issue closed.