FIM Event Broker 3.X - Don't reorder operations list

Richard Courtenay 11 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 2

I've noticed that the operations list on the FIM Event Broker home page appears to reorder itself every so often, presumably based on the time each operation is scheduled to run. While neat from a technical perspective, I've found a number of times lately that the page has refreshed a fraction of a second before I've gone to manually run an operation which has resulted in operations being triggered other than those I intended to be execute.

So far this hasn't caused me any issues, but I imagine there may be some situations where it is undesirable to have certain operation lists execute, and the reordering of this list may cause that to happen.

I'm not 100% sure what the best solution is given the list is obviously sorted by time so it can only show 10 or so operations, but part of me would prefer to have the option to toggle an alphabetical listing (and have this remembered via a cookie or something), even if it means more than 10 operations need to be listed for that view to make sense.

The work around is to go to the Operations page to trigger the operations if I'm worried I could select the wrong operation. But if the run button is on the home page, I'd like to be able to reliably use it.

Hi Richard,

Our intention for the UI was to clean it up and not have so many buttons (little icons) that have special functionality. The idea would be to have menus or text buttons on the operation list index and the specific operation list page. This would make it easier to learn the product, as you don't have to mouse-over to figure out what it does. There would also be consistency as all components would have their functionality exposed on their own page, as well as some shortcuts on the index page.

What do you think?


Hi Adam, I'm happy with the explanation and it makes sense. Wanted to put it out there as a low level suggestion, but if it has been considered I'm happy to accept it as is.