Event Broker - Continues to run Large profiles after scheduling disabled

Craig Gilmour 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

The New version of Event Broker appears to have an issue around managing the Jobs after scheduling has been disabled. The steps are as follows:
1. Event Broker running and scheduling jobs.
2. Event Broker initiates a run (say a Full Import of a large Connector Space)
3. An issue is discovered so Scheduling is halted on the home page of Event Broker
4. The Job is manually killed in the FIM Admin console (sometimes a restart of the FIM Service is required to kill it)
5. Even though scheduling is off - Event broker tries to restart the job that was just killed.

This is rather annoying as I have to continue to kill the job until it's retries expire of Event Broker eventually gives up.

Hey Craig,

I'm assuming you are having issues with operations attempting to retry if they fail? If this is the case, consider adding the user terminated stop message that FIM sends when a run profile is stopped to your FIM agent's list of success statuses - see EB300:Forefront Identity Manager. This will not ensure that Event Broker does not consider you stopping the profile manually a failure.

Alternatively, update your retry settings on the operations as appropriate.


lower priority than other issues at the moment obviously. However, I may be missing something. If Scheduling is off, why would it attemot to retry the operation if it fails? I have seen similar behaviour when I actually disable the run profile itself. Even though it is disabled, it will still retry the job if I have to kill it.

See other comment


The success statuses of the FIM agent determine what those run profile operations consider to be a success. Since the stopped-user-termination-from-wmi-or-ui status is not included by default, Event Broker thinks the operation has failed, and as such will attempt to retry as per your retry settings of the operation. If you add the above status to the list of success statuses, or change the retry settings of the run profile operation, the operation should not attempt to retry.

At present, any operations that are in a retrying state will still attempt to retry if the operation list is disabled while it is still in that state.


As a note, there is currently a request to change this such that operations in the retrying state will cancel if the operation list is disabled or the scheduler is turned off, see EB-440. The above should still prevent this behaviour occurring if you attempt to stop a run profile.

Matt - thanks for the explanation - it makes sense. I have added the setting into the agent as you recommended.

Craig Gilmour