Event Broker support for multiple FIM instances on different domains

Bob Bradley 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

I would appreciate it if someone from the PG could respond to the latest question on this thread please. This could be another valuable selling point ... but besides that, I'm wondering myself whether or not this is possible based on my understanding of WMI and the connection configuration supported by EvB 3.0. I have a suspicion you'd need a domain trust ... no?

Something wrong with that link in the Environment property ... the thread is here

Matt, do you know if we explicitly tested for this? I think we did given our desktops are on one domain and PRDGRP-Test1 on another, but didn't want to answer without you.

Hi Bob,

Yes, you can. This has tested this in a few ways. As Patrick said, we had a test machine on its own domain which we were running Event Broker operation from on our local machines (on a different domain). We also tested from one test machine (on a domain) to another (in a workgroup). I don't recall any difficulties in setting this up - the WMI hook needed to use a different mechanism when Event Broker was connecting to a local machine as opposed to a remote machine (remote credentials are not supported locally).

Let us know if you encounter any issues with this.

Thanks Matt - I just posted an answer to the thread, and am now closing this issue.