Weekly FS with EB

Nigel Jones 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

I can see the best practice of running regular FS on say a weekly basis

I assume that I apply FI/FS ONLY for FIM, then other MA's in my preferred order

Becasue I already have a 00:00:30 scheduled check operations for all the MA's then they will take care of any resulting exports/imports/sync's


Hey Nigel,

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but most of our sites will run semi-regular (eg. weekly) full sync operations for all management agents to ensure connector spaces remain in a consistent state, and no rule changes or strange data cases are missed due to a database/network outage or other behaviour.

Regular delta imports, syncs and exports should take care of the majority of your operations, and you typically should not see anything missed in a production environment where the configuration is not being altered. If a full sync is processing many changes that aren't being picked up by deltas, it's usually symptomatic of something else that's going wrong (eg. regular network failures during sync operations), and acts as more of a failsafe to ensure entities are still processed by the solution.

Delta imports are typically more reliable than delta syncs as they are more common to retry in the event of a failure, and some sites don't include any full import processing in their schedules. It is really more for that peace of mind that the system is regularly kept fully up to date and no data is being missed for any reason.

Refer to EB300:Operational Considerations also. We are always looking to add to and improve these as different client requirements are considered. Please assign back to me if this doesn't address what you were after.


Thanks Matt

You told me what I know but not what I do not know

I will rephrase the question

For a Full Sync Cycle of All MA's I clearly need to configure Imports and Syncs but do I need to configure the corresponding exports?

I have already and separately configured change detection based ops list so I figure
1 - I simple schedule the Full Imports and Full Syncs on all MA in the order I want
2 _ I let the change detection already configured work out which exports are needed which then runs the export

Does this makes sense?

If not please call +61 404 350 343


Yes, that is correct. The operation lists you have which detect exports will take care of them as the sync processes. However, it may be that you would rather have the exports run after the full sync has executed, otherwise you could have multiple exports fired over the course of the full sync, as on some environments/solutions this can slow down both operations.

If exports firing as pending exports become available is a problem, you can put the full sync and the export operation lists in an exclusion group, and mark the full sync as a trigger member - this will prevent the exports from firing until the full sync completes. See EB300:Groups for more.

Marked as resolved, please confirm if this answers your question.